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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 2, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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a fast moving wildfire threatening nearly 200 homes is growing tonight. hundreds of homeowners told to get out fast. the good news, firefighters say they are making progress. good evening. this is a firefight that is going 12 hours. the fire scorched 2700 acres in napa county. mandatory evacuations for two communities there. iment flame destroyed one home and four out buildings. we show you the ariel assault on the flame. the fire has been burning since about noon and is just 30% contained at this point. live on the fire lines tonight. how are they doing right now? >> we are on bucks canyon road in the middle of the fire at this point. it is burned on both sides. this is the hillside that is
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still burning this evening. as bad as it looks, it's an improvement. the winds died down and the firefighters can get much closer to fighting the flame. by nightfall, a fire that started a little less than a football field consumed 2700 acres which is 30% containment. mostly the areas that already burned. >> we are able to get more direct, closer to the fire's edge. you can hear the dozers in the background that are cutting significant lines around the incident. >> the winds died considerably, but the humidity did not go up as much as expected. they hope to make progress overnight earlier the gusty winds played havoc as the flame jumped key road and then another. forcing the evacuation of homes
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in the subdivision. they worked the lines on the ground, pilots hit from would have. n pope valley among the first evacuated in the early hours of the fire were horses and 15 to 20 kids at a day camp at a ranch. >> we were able to evacuate the kids and they were able to get some horses out. we still probably have 30 horses, but all the kids are safe and sound. >> they have not pinpointed a cause. the kids accidentally started the blaze with the weet wacker. we are back live here. this is what it looks like tonight. about close to 12 hours to the fire. the folks that were most seriously affected are to the north of where i'm standing. nearly 200 homes evacuated and
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some stayed there. >> when the fire jumped the road, it triggered evacuation for the neighborhood. mr. smith has seen it before. >> this was moving a lot faster. >> about 50 residents were caught off when the only road in and out was swept by the flame. john decided to stay, but he was warned. >> we have hundreds of feet of fire hose. >> they better be in front of us or on our kale. there is a reason if we are leaving. >> firefighters say most of the residents created good defensible space, but many evacuated to a red cross shelter at middletown high school. she was conducting a fire-safe
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oughtit. >> i had to leave my cats behind. >> gale and the others stayed outside and the fire came within a quarter of a mile before a change in the wind turned the direction of the fire away. in napa county, alan wont they >> tonight they don't know when they can go back to their home. we have crews trying to protect se come overd had come over here and seen the other side of the road. it's not a threat. they will count on favorable weather tomorrow. abc 7 news. with winds and heat earlier today, the conditions have changed. the meteorologist is tracking the conditions closely tonight.
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>> definite improvement from earlier today when it was in the mid 90s and dry. temperatures have fall tone 63 degrees and the humidity is up. 65% and the winds have dialled back and are calm. occasional gusts to 2 miles an hour. with the marine air, hopefully firefighters will get some help. the live doppler picked up the intensity of the fire. you can see the smoke plume there. i will have the detailed look at the forecast when we return. >> we will have continuing coverage of the fire on air and online. breaking news coverage continues on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. if there any major developments on the fire line, we will bring them to you right away. >> outrage ann elderly woman was sexually assaulted. early this morning, two people armed with weapons broke into a
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couple's home and attacked an 85-year-old woman. police arrested a 15-year-old boy for the attack. 15. after that suv crashed into a vacant home. a second suspect escaped. she believed to be between 17 and 25 years of age. he suffered a large cut. >> no words to describe. i was sad this happened to her. it's heart breaking. >> the couple was not seriously hurt. graffiti was found on their house and they will not say if they think the crime is a gang initiation. new details in a violent confrontation. here's that video. a calling train conductor confronting a belligerent passenger. now they have been taken off duty while it is being investigated. now from the caltrain station where all of this went down.
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>> you know, very strong reaction to the video. i spoke with several passengers who said they think that the conductor used excessive force on the woman. they said hold on a minute that. conductor did nothing wrong and they should be back at work. the trouble was on this caltrain. you can see a woman hitting the female conductor and even off the train, the beating continues. the male conductor pushes the woman and when he turns around, bam. she hits him in the head too. he kicks her and pushes the woman hard. this was a common reaction from passengers watching the video the moment the woman went down. the male conductor identified by a union source as bruce thompson has been off duty since. they confirmed he removed removed from service and would not say why. >> making him the fall guy is
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concerning. >> steven clark doesn't understand why they are back on the job since the counterpart is. i tried to ask the employer, but no one answered. clark meantime watched the video frame by frame. >> he would have to protect the public. he did not do anything that was so excessive that appears to be beyond the bounds of reasonableness. >> passenger his >> passeng mixed reaction. >> he was doing his job. >> the suspect was arrested for assault. in mountain view, abc 7 news. >> the mother of giants fan brian stowe spoke about the burden of her son's medical care. two dodger fans beat him opening day in 2011. he is severely disabled. his family is suing the dodgers and frank mccord accusing them
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of not providing enough stadium security. they want $37 million to pay for his medical care. >> we're talked about this last night. if we don't get anything, we will have to look at maybe cutting out brian's night time care and taking care of brian ourselves and getting him ready for bed and keep somebody for two hours in the morning. >> jurors have been deliberating for 15 hours with no verdict. they will be back at it again tomorrow. we will let you know as soon as the decision comes in. >> berkeley will have the power to tax sugary drinks. they voted unanimously to put the measure on the ballot adding a 1 cent per ounce on sodas sod and sweetened drinks. it would be used to promote good nutrition. opponents say it will put a burd uh on consumers and businesses. stay here. disaster caught on camera.
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coming up next, the fiery food truck explosion that engulfed nearly a dozen people. horrible. plus a warning for local residents. a mountain lion attack steps from their home. one witness was shocked. a young mother moved to tears. the random act of kindness that all that is going on.t. here's jimmy kimmel. >> take a gander at what's going on with us after the news.
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the fire burning in napa county still burning tonight. 30% contained. it charred at least 2700 acres. mandatory evacuations in place for girls. nearly 200 homes. the reports are not confirmed. the temperature dropped as nightfall continued and the winds are down which is helping. watch this piece of videotape. look at this. a fiery explosion caught on camera. it's a food truck that blew up in north philadelphia injuring 11 people. police say the explosion happened outside an auto body shop and they believe a propane tank was the cause. the blast was caught on surveillance camera. as bad as it was, no homes orne businesses were damaged. an enormous blast. after neighbors spotted a mountain lion attacking a deer a
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few feet from their homes. they said anry to neighbors letting them know about the attack that happened on fern wood street. >> we saw a mountain lion eating a deer. it gave me the creeps. i had never seen a cat that big in my life. >> the deer died and the mountain lion was gone by the time wildlife crews arrived. if you watched any of the world cup, you saw tusa team usa put on a great fight against the talented team from belgium. belgium ended up with the 2-1 victory and extra time despite that heard breaking loss. they loved thegoalkeepegoalkeep incredible performance and 16 saves.
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nearly two million sweets and howard gained 100,000 twitter followers. they popped up on the web with die-hard fans changed the secretary of defense. the wikipedia defense. not enough to prevent the screen shot from being shared on twitter. the americans are knocked out, the next matches are on friday. enjoy the until 4th holiday on e, sp 2. at 1:00 after lynch. it's brazil versus columbia: a random act of kindness made an unsuspected woman an online sensation. she was in a check outline in wal-mart when a customer didn't have enough money to pay for diapers. she ended up buying the woman $120 worth of diapers. another shopper captured this
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really kind gesture on his cell phone and posted it on facebook and it went viral. carol said she was just trying to spread a little love and now she is getting credit for it. watching what's going on on the fire lines and following the full forecast as we creep closer to the july 4th holiday. we have low cloudiness and wondering am i going to see the fireworks. the marine layer deepened to just over 2,000 feet. santaa and petaluma. we are definitely seeing ranges. a red flag warning for the northern portion of california. until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. sparking fires. on the subject of fires, take a look at the pope fire in napa county. from the east bay hills camera,
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55 miles from the fire. we saw mat rene layer in the fore grand and it's a dramatic shot. gusting onshore at fairfield to about 30 miles an hour. that's what helped to drop our temperatures today along with the fog and the low clouds. look at temperatu temperatures yesterday compared to today. a big difference. santa rosa down 17 degrees. same for livermore and san francisco was 8 degrees cooler and you dropped 13 going from 92 to 79 degrees. we will drop you a few more from the exploratorium camera. watch out in the morning, this fog you see is scaring the transamerica pyramid. in oakland, san carlos and san jose, upper 50s around half moon bay. low ceilings not a big problem right now. they are seeing low cloud cover and could be a problem in the morning. mid 50s in santa rosa and
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novato. concord and livermore from one more view from the roof top camera, still a little breezy. foggy overnight and mild to warm weather for the fourth of july near 100 degrees inland sunday and heat will the heat will return, but it's going to take a few days before we get to that. troughs is what brought the cooling and the steady sea breeze. we will see the temperatures with inland dialling back. out of the 90s for most of you. watch out for slick roadways during the commute. it will be drizzly out there and a lot of low cloudiness and fog and temperatures in the low 50s to the low 60s. tomorrow afternoon most of you in the inland normal hot spots and upper 80s. 86 livermore and 71 in oakland. 65 in san francisco.little bit . accu-weather accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures hold thursday. fourth of july, fog still
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around. could be a problem with the fire works. the summer rain will be with us and we heat it up into the upper 90s. >> outstanding. in for larry, you have a lot to talk about. world cup and baseball. >> for the giants on the 15-day dl with a bulging disk, tim lincecum has confidence back. over the
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background.) (birds chirping softlyn (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going. power up with new cheerios protein. . >> the first start since throwing a second no hitter.
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the bases loaded jam with nobody out. he strikes out for out number one. medieval mom is loving it. flailing. two outs. the ground ball and lincecum escapes and the inning unscathed. the bottom four from offense. rips and double down and by that much for the first one. pablo sandoval and these had the sdoons get out. you got it. that much. 100th of his career. he goes and shutout st. louis by 5-0. retaking first place by a half game. thanks to the rare triple play. a replay review of third out. he tried the head first slide
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into second best. he was out and cleveland a winner. hangs a fast ball and finds the left field shot to a 3-0 lead. the tigers pitcher goes the distance. he gets the game and gets it. no strike outs and no walks. 3 some of 0, that's final. unbelievable from tim things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. . >> team usa's tremendous effort
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and heart breaking loss. the goalkeeper with the most in team history. they call this standing on your head. turning back shot after shot in the 92nd minute. chance of a time and punches it high over the goal. he clearly was until even if he had scored, it would not have counted. that will be tough to stomach. a crack in the defense and you have a 2-0 game. 19-year-old julianne green finds the back of the net. one final student. u.s. executes it to perfection, but denied 2-1 the final. the major winner upset by 19-year-old nick cure yoes. between the legs for the winner. if you are making shots like that, you know you are going to
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a final update on the fire. still just 30% contained and 2700 acres at least, probably more at this point. that number is likely to go up overnight. tune in starting at 4:30 for the very latest. that is our report for mike shumann and all of us here. i'm dan ashley. appreciate your time. we continue online with twitter and facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc 7 news ap. on jimmy kimmel, dane cook. see you tomorrow. l asked women have dry intimate skin. turns out, 1 in 5 of us do. let's do something about it. new vagisil moisturizing wash. the only wash created to cleanse and moisturize dry intimate skin.
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vagisil. your intimate health experts. recall making it the largest in history. graco added 2 million rear facing infant car seats to the recall because of the buckle problem that led to the recall of 4 million toddler seats. more than 6 million seats in all. regulators say the food and drink can clog the buckles making it difficult to remove children.
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>> and the felon that melted hearts around the world could soon be trading in his handsome mug shot for head shots. >> oh, jeremy meeks chiseled face went viral with women declaring him too sexy for jail. the high cheek bones and steely eyes have landed him an agent. pursuing a modeling contract. >> meeks will have to get past the legal issues first. held on $1 million bail on a string of felony counts including weapons charges. i don't know, would you buy a calendar with him on it? >> he got a bunch. tweeting, face booking about him. a good looking guy. >> he is a bad boy, keep that in mind. >> blue eyes. ♪ bad boy bad boy what you going to do ♪ coming up in the mix. i will not sing anymore. i promise. the 5-year-old boxer getting attention from shaquille o'neal. wait till you see his moves. >> it's national hot dog month. we are about to taste gourmet creations, cutting the mustard, and trying toppings that are really cheesy. stay tuned. you're watching "world news
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